All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

by Luciftias

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Originally released by Buddhist in Fire

In February 2014, I received an offer to perform at a New York City art exhibit. My usual modus operandi for creating music with Luciftias involves an extensive amount of post-production. Unfortunately, this means that replicating those textures in a live setting is difficult at best. How then to achieve an ambient/drone sound without resorting to synthesizers? In the past, I've recorded tracks using an eBow, guitar and effects setup but have always incorporated many overdubs in the final version. However, by mixing this method with Robert Fripp-style delay effects, I found that I was able to build layer upon layer to approximate a similar sound.

Due to scheduling issues, I was not able to perform at the exhibit. However, this album documents the thought process I went through in preparing a live performance setup. These tracks were improvised, recorded in one take, and are exactly what I played at that particular moment in time. There are no overdubs, fixes or addtional effects. The only tampering was the removal of miscellaneous noise at the beginnings and the insertion of fades at the ends.


released August 31, 2014

Track 1 recorded 08 March 2014
Track 2 recorded 29 March 2014
Track 3 recorded 24 May 2014
Tracks 4 & 5 recorded 25 May 2014

Track 2 previously released on "Album In A Day volume 8" compilation (2014, BFW recordings)

Artwork by Luciftias




Luciftias Meadville, Pennsylvania

Luciftias is an experimental ambient/drone project from Meadville, Pennsylvania.

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